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We are a group of professional management consultants whose passion and expertise is financial crime prevention. We select the best in knowledge, skill and experience that many firms would long for within a partner firm.  

With over 30 years of acclaimed experience, we help our clients through the regulations of the industry to seize the opportunities and secure growth that brings long term sustainability. How do we do this? By reviewing, enhancing and updating systems to ensure that our clients have the assurance of robust controls to both protect and future-proof their businesses to ensure peace of mind, greater sustainability and longevity.

F M Partners Limited is registered in England, UK and strictly follows the requirements of the UK regulator Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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Our Impressive Portfolio

We have worked with large international organisations, such as RBS, Barclays, JP Morgan, Standard Chartered Bank and many more. We have worked alongside various world- renowned management consultancy firms such as: KPMG, Promontory and Deloitte

Working with FM Partners our clients quickly find that a bond of deep trust is created that assures you of our very best service at all times.  Do read the testimonials for yourself.



Our philosophy is simple: to delight our clients by giving more than required underpinned by our values of honesty, transparency and exceptional quality.


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