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Ensuring safety & success

  • Concerned about the daily increase of financial crime?

  • Worried about money laundering, fraud and market abuse?

  • Need help or assurance with governance, risk management and internal control mechanisms?

  • Want peace of mind?

Financial crime is a major concern for governments and institutions throughout the world despite collaborative efforts from national and international agencies. It is essential that businesses do all they can to protect themselves. The onus is on you!

FM Partners can help you mitigate your risk and ensure greater safety, mitigation and success. 


"I had the privilege to work and be managed by Mani (F M PARTNERS LIMITED) for an important remediation project at J P Morgan Chase. Mani has a passion for the work he does which feeds back to colleagues, team members and clients alike with a natural ability for problem solving whether on a technical, business or project level. Mani has a strong capability to manage multiple projects along with mentoring team members, coaching and training them when needed. He is highly knowledgeable about AML, Sanctions and constantly up to date with new Regulations within the Compliance industry. I would not hesitate to recommend Mani to a future clients and hopefully I will be lucky to work again under his supervision. Thank you Mani for your hard work!.”

Stefania Caddeo

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